The Mission of St. Silouan’s Youth Group is to provide youth with solid Orthodox teaching and learning about their Faith, as well as to have opportunities of fellowship together. Helping our youth have an open dialogue about current topics which interface their daily lives and what our Faith teaches about these topics, is a major goal of the youth group. We also endeavor to be of assistance to those in our parish and larger community who may need help in some tangible way: raking leaves, shoveling snow, helping garden, cleaning up messes, and so forth. Putting one’s Faith into action by providing sacrificial acts of service is foundational to the nurturing of a healthy young person.

Together with Kosmas and Thekla Wauchek, Fr. Daniel and Mat. Anastasia coordinate our various youth functions. Father Daniel leads discussions about Faith and Orthodoxy as they relate to the lives of our youth and Kosmas and Thekla open their home for fellowship activities such as game and movie nights.  The homes of other parishioners are used as well for various youth events. Additionally, our youth like to plan trips within our larger northwest region to meet other youth and participate in larger pan-Orthodox gatherings.

Currently our youth group meets monthly at 7:00pm on Sunday nights at the church. Fellowship times at the home of Kosmas and Thekla, or the home of other parishioners, are once monthly as well. Times and days for these events can be found on our Church calendar, in the weekly Church bulletin, and through emails notifying the youth of upcoming events.